Thursday, 1 May 2014

Monza and Milan 2013.

Hi again at long last!!!!sorry  I have been so busy with one thing and another also with the allotment and with this weather being so erratic you just have to keep going. Today we have a Mizzell day havlf way between misty and drizzle but it looks like rain in the distance... great for the allotment though...
Having more time on my hands now and no pressure I am able to keep everything on an even keel ....before we start on this trail I've scanned these and added a with border to help you see the colour washes a little better the drawings seem to be a little stronger than the originals. but I don't think it will stop your veing pleasure ... Right lets get going on the Milan and Monza sketches and share with you my art trail from last year....these pictures are the highlights out of all I managed to do while there, others are all but  ready to do either in oils or watercolours on days like we have to day....

This piece started off as a pen drawing as at the time I was enjoying a coffee at a little cafe and this building caught my eye, it turns out that it was a library and cafe, I splashed some colour with a wet wash. 

Next I found this down a side ally during my visit the water had almost but dried up again very quickly done, as there was no shade to sit under...I will do this again but will add more detail to the initial drawing and maybe add more water to get the reflections
Catching the Train back to Milan later in the afternoon I spotted a MacDonald's just outside Central station could do with a cool drink. I also managed to get a great view of the station, this next piece is only 1/4 of the frontage of the station it's massive alot was covered for renovations , again in pen to start then splashed a little colour and shaded areas for definition, I'm pleased with the results, but wouldn't want to tackle the whole thing in one sitting whew!!!!

Day 2.. I decided to take a stroll around the back streets of Milan and found this lovely chapel ,  which turned out to be a sanctuary for what I couldn't read the Italian but the soft tones of pinks made you feel warm and welcoming!!!! ... I noticed alot of these bright coloured buildings amongst the newer ones..
Needing coffee stop of the day I saw a tram going the way back to the hotel so jumped on after getting my travel ticket from the local newsagents...I really enjoyed the ride back a bit clunky but it was fun ...... once i got to my stop I crabbed a Latte from the cafe on the corner and sat in the afternoon sun and drew this I would like to do an oil from finks!!

I hope you have enjoyed these few sketches from during my brief visit to Milan in 2013, I hope I'll share more from the other sketches later this year...

My next my art trail is from Venice which will be ready soon ,

Thank you for dropping by ...Jayne

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